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Networking And Systems Integration

Data Centre Solutions

Business is moving quickly—and so is technology. And as your Data Center grows and new applications and technologies are introduced, there’s always an opportunity to improve your Data Center environment to enhance performance, increase efficiency, help reduce costs, and better align your Data Center infrastructure to your business goals and initiatives.

IQI Networks provides strategy, assessment and optimization services to help identify where you can make improvements, recommend actions for improvements and implement those recommendations. In addition, you can:

Our Structured cabling solutions comprises of the followings:

  • Copper and Fiber cabling.
  • UPS Power cabling.
  • Low power consumption cabling

The surveillance center performs signaling control, media switching, service management, user management, equipment management, network management, authentication and authorization. Under the control of the central management platform, the front-end equipment adopts cameras to collect video streams, adopts microphones to collect audio streams, adopts panic button to send emergence alarm, and adopts control interfaces to collect alarm information.

Our enterprise monitoring solutions comprises of the followings:

  • Unified site monitoring for Remote locations.
  • ATM physical security monitoring.
  • Integrated alarm monitoring.
  • Data center environmental monitoring.
  • Network, Server and Application monitoring.
  • Bandwidth Optimization and control Monitoring.

UPS Output Low Voltage Panels

The UPS LV panels are meant to distribute the output supply of the UPSs to critical loads through different circuits with different miniature circuit breaker ratings.

The entire clean power may further be reinforced with the use of a stabilizer (downstream of the UPS) to regulate the incoming raw supply and rid it of line inconsistencies such as voltage sags, surges, harmonic distortions and the likes that could be very detrimental to connected equipment. The UPS, however, provides a first class and primary cleansing to the raw power supply.

Earthing and Bonding

The Data Centre needs to achieve unprecedented levels of uptime to keep pace with modern business demands. To achieve these uptime goals, proper grounding of the DC equipment, often called network grounding as defined by TIA -942 shall protect equipment and improve system reliability.

Improper use of the guidelines can reduce network availability and cause premature equipment failure that contributes to increased operating costs.

The grounding system shall direct damaging currents away from equipment, thereby directing current away from sensitive electronics.

All metallic components in the data center shall be bonded to the grounding system. The goal is to have all conductive materials at the same electrical potential to minimize current flow. Equipment, racks, cabinets, ladder racks, enclosures, and cable trays shall be bonded to the grounding system.

Other Power accessories

All materials chosen and to be used in all the electrical installation shall be purposely designed for the applications they are meant for and shall not cause harmful effects to other equipment, undue fire risk or other electrical hazards. They shall be mechanically and electrically protected so as to prevent danger from shock, burn or other injury to persons or damage to property.


In all our proposed design, construction and installation, special considerations shall be given to their subsequent maintenance, inspection and testing with due regard to safety.

Inspection and Testing

On completion of all our installations, and appropriate tests and inspections shall be made to verify so far as is reasonably practicable that the requirements of the wiring regulations have been met

Hardware, Servers, Desktops, Laptops

We have close business relations with some of the world leaders in information technology, including the following:

Cisco Systems USA: Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking for the internet, with its broad range of hardware products used to form information networks.

IQI partners with HP to provide qualitative service in line with HP’s quality standard policy at both the enterprise and small business level. With a pool of certified HP experts, IQI is authorized to provide comprehensive systems support for HP hardware and software platforms

The world leader in the enterprise voice communications, call centre, data networking, messaging and structured cabling solutions – the SYSTIMAX Structured Cabling Standard: designed for the modern era of gigabyte applications, integrated voice, video and data, as well as LazrSPEED (new Gbps fibre solution).

In Collaboration with IBM a renowned leader and pioneer in the IT industry, IQI is offering high-class enterprise support.  IQI has certified engineers with the requisite skill to support and implement the deployments of IBM hardware.

Our partnership with Dell extends into a partnership with the world’s leading Storage manufacturer EMC. IQI is able to develop storage solutions for her customers, implement and support the storage infrastructure on a first line basis with direct OEM support for second line escalations.

IQI has partnered with Network Appliance, a leader in the storage industry to provide a world-class, best-of-breed Unified Storage Architecture that simultaneously supports NAS, SAN, iSCSI, SCSI and FC connectivity within a single storage array.

A Microsoft Partner, IQI has deployed solutions in the Telecommunication, Manufacturing and Financial Services Sectors.

IQI is partnered with Getronics, a full-fledged ICT power systems solutions and service company with like objectives. The collaboration between both companies empowers both parties to provide leading service delivery solutions.

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